In house copper fabrication


WASP are proud to have our own copper fabrication team, which brings several benefits to our switchgear production:


When copper is fabricated in-house, we have  more control over the quality of the materials used. This leads to a higher quality product that is more reliable and durable.

Having in-house copper fabrication allows us to be more flexible in terms of the products offered. We can quickly adapt to changing market demands and produce custom-made products to meet the specific needs of customers.

We can avoid the costs associated with outsourcing copper fabrication to a third party and take advantage of economies of scale by producing copper components in large batches.

Having in-house copper fabrication helps to shorten the lead times


Overall, in-house copper fabrication can offer several benefits; including improved quality, flexibility, cost savings, and speed.


Here are some additional benefits of in-house copper fabrication:

Improved customer service

By having in-house copper fabrication, we provide customers with faster turnaround times and a more personalized level of service.

Increased innovation

We can be more innovative in product development and can quickly experiment with new copper-based technologies and bring new products to market faster.

Improved safety

By controlling the copper fabrication process in-house, we ensure that all safety standards are met. This helps to protect their employees and the environment.

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