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We provide a full range of low voltage and medium voltage solutions to connect, protect, control, and measure a wide range of electrical applications, enclosures, switchboards, electronics, and electromechanical devices. We increase the reliability and capability of our customers’ facilities and sites across all major industries including the residential sector.

Switchgear services

We work with our customers to Design, Build, and Implement their equipment which means we offer complete; full service turn-key solutions and support anywhere in the world.


Power Distribution, Engineered Products and Services. Serving the Critical Power Industry.

WASP CPS, is the market leader in the critical power industry. In today's rapidly evolving landscape, data infrastructure and decarbonization has led to a surge in demand for innovative solutions across diverse sectors. Wasp Critical Power Solutions stands at the forefront of this movement, driving change through our expertise in EV infrastructure, data center products and renewables. With a steadfast commitment to emissions reduction and fuel efficiency, we craft cutting-edge technologies that optimize energy consumption while integrating with evolving power grids. Our long legacy in the industry is a testament to our dedication to a sustainable future, as we continue to shape a world we live in.

Our range of products utilise high-quality components and are built to the highest standards providing the ultimate choice for companies across the world to benefit from reliable and efficient solutions to critical power and infrastructure markets.

Priding ourselves on reliability, quality and efficiency . Our passion and dedication for technology-led engineering solutions has driven us over the last 30 years to continuously test and develop new solutions, new innovations, and advances.

Power Distribution is an exciting industry to be a part of. We are proud to have built this 38 section MV switchgear lineup last year for a major data center business in the USA.

Why Choose WASP ?

Developing and testing new filtration technologies

At WASP we are passionate about our products and services. We constantly strive to develop our range of products. By testing new mechanical, electrical technologies we are always at the cutting edge of the products we produce.

Supporting you with expert knowledge

With over 200 years of combined experience, we provide you with expert knowledge and experience from the project proposal stage and design, to supply, installation, commissioning and product support.

Premium Quality

We are a manufacturer who takes pride in the quality of our products; which is why we are ISO9001, UL508A, UL891 accredited. Solutions are built to a high standard with only the best quality components to provide durability and powerful results.

Worldwide Supplier Network

With a large network of WASP offices and international suppliers, there is always an experienced WASP representative near to you.

Complete Product Range

WASP provides complete critical power solutions with our extensive range of products and services. Quality fuel polishing systems, switchgear, sidestream filtration, fuel additives, pumps, filters, oil change systems, fuel conditioners, and professional fuel testing services.

Built to your specifications

Do you need something specific? Our in-house team of experts can discuss your requirements and provide the ultimate solution using the latest technology.


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