Duplex Filter Sets


A duplex filter is a type of filter that has two separate filter chambers. This allows the filter to be cleaned or replaced without interrupting the flow of fluid through the system. WASP automatic duplex filters are often used in applications where continuous flow is critical, such as diesel flow to back up generators or engines.


Duplex filters offer a number of advantages over single-chamber filters, including:

Duplex filters allow for continuous flow of fluid, even when one filter chamber is being cleaned or replaced. This is important in applications where downtime is not an option.

Duplex filters can help to reduce maintenance costs by allowing the filter elements to be cleaned or replaced without interrupting the flow of fluid. This can also extend the life of the filter elements.

Duplex filters can help to improve reliability by providing a backup in case one filter chamber fails. This can help to prevent downtime and ensure that the system is always operational.

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