Seawater and Produced Water


Seawater & Produced Water

WASP supplies against Upstream Oil & Gas applications including and not limited to completions fluids, produced water, condensate, water injection and offshore boiler water. The production facilities within upstream oil & gas require effective and reliable filtration to reduce downtime and improve process efficiencies

  • Seawater Treatment System
  • Produced Water Treatment Systems
  • Completions Fluids
  • Custom element types available
  • Filtration ranging from 0.1 to 100 µ - nominal and absolute
  • Various end caps
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Excellent Temperature /oil resistance
  • Low Pressure Drop


You can rely on WASP to be your spares management partner, we take ownership of supply / offsite storage of long-term spares and ensure a plan is executed to ensure maximum availability at the lowest OPEX cost.We have developed 3 types of cartridge filters specifically for seawater and produced water systems, our experience with SRP systems allows us to find the right strategy to minimise downtime and ensure hydrocarbon revenue is not jeopardised.


WASP Support scope:

  • Stock control
  • Local stocking
  • Emergency supply
  • High application knowledge
  • Trial pieces at reduced rates
  • All consumable manufactured in the UK
  • Dedicated key account team
  • Flexible delivery model to ensure no outages or shortages on vessel
  • Agile quantity modification to meet operational requirements
  • Shipping and Storage
  • Predictive Maintenance

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