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A data Centre located in Poland has installed 4 fuel polishing on their storage tanks to maintain the quality of their fuel, improve the performance of their generator and to prevent the risk of failure during a power crisis.

The WASP wall mounted Pure Fuel System (W-PFS-010-W-220VAC) was designed specifically to the clients specifications and preserve the fuel in their back-up generator tanks, specifically by removing particulates, bacterial content, biomass, sludge, water and other foreign matter.
This system allows the client to ensure optimum fuel quality in their stored tanks. Moreover, the BMS (Building Management System) communication system allows the client to remotely monitor the system, making it as simple as possible for the client.

WASP are now working on a large project for a data Centre in Essex.

Data center’s rely on power, and require their back-up generators to perform during emergencies. Fuel Polishing ensures the fuel stored in the back-up generator is at its best, so the risk of generator failure is reduced.


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