Sidestream filtration Overview


Sidestream Filtration from WASP

Advanced water filtration for heating and cooling systems

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Typically fitted to new installations but are often retrofitted to problematic/refurbished systems. Retrofitting often requires wall mounting as they are typically located in a plant room where space is at a premium.

They are also used at the pre-commissioning stage on new installations to clean the systems and remove construction debris. In this instance they are sometimes used temporarily, however are often left in situ to maintain water quality.

Typical applications:

  • Pre-commissioning cleaning
  • Protection of new installations
  • Protection of new items of plant fitted to old/refurbished systems e.g. new boiler plant, heat exchanger, fan coil units etc
  • Clean up older systems to improve efficiencies


  • Reduce risk of blockages to system components e.g. fan coil units, heat exchangers etc
  • Reduced scaling, corrosion, and fouling
  • Reduced energy consumption – cleaner systems are more efficient
  • Reduce water consumption and wastage by reducing the need to backwash or flush systems
  • Reduce water treatment chemical consumption by reducing need for flushing
  • Help control biological growth (e.g. pseudomonas, legionella etc)
  • Lower maintenance costs & reduced system downtime
  • Environmentally friendly

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