Fuel Testing Service


A comprehensive laboratory test carried out on your behalf by WASP PFS Ltd is by far the most accurate and sensible.

We offer a full ISO4406 reading, percentage figures for composite parts of your fuel, as well as water content, sulphur levels, infection, etc. Our laboratory testing service then offers you a full written report, analysing your fuel and making recommendations based on your results. WASP PFS Ltd offer a comprehensive fuel testing service.

Known fuel quality assurance Known fuel quality assurance

Fuel degrades, this service helps you to monitor it. Fuel testing assists in the selection of a suitable fuel polishing system. It is key to ensuring engine / generator performance.

IS04406 testing IS04406 testing

Particulate analysis to the EN590 standard. Participate causes wear and can damage engine components, clogging filters leading to fuel starvation.Our fuel testing service helps when selecting a fuel polishing system.

Karl Fisher water in fuel test Karl Fisher water in fuel test

Monitoring of your fuel, checking it is below the 200ppm specification. Avoiding water build-up is key to avoiding bacterial build-up, sludge, biomass, etc.

Knowledgeable engineer visiting service Knowledgeable engineer visiting service

In addition to our independent laboratory testing service, we can visit site to extract the samples for you. We can also offer advice as to fuel storage and when additional protection may be needed.


There are many ways to find out about your fuel quality and to see if you have contamination or not. You can also try our dip slide tests to see if you have bacterial infection, yeast, or similar in your fuel.

The final way is to do nothing; after all the contamination will soon announce itself. That might be by damaging your fuel injectors, meaning you lose efficiency, it might destroy them altogether, in which case you will really know you have a problem. You might find your filters require changing ever few weeks, or you may see traces of sludge, water or other biomass in your filter bowl.

However you choose to approach it, to us doing nothing is not an option; by the time you accidentally find out you have contamination,
its too late and you have a serious issue.

For any fuel storage situation, we recommend your fuel is tested every 3-6 months to ensure you know its quality. We also recommend this service if you have a polishing system installed. Its a cost effective way to ensure you are 'in the know' when it comes to your fuel quality. After all, testing gives you advanced warning - fuel polishing gives you protection.




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